Signs of bad betting sites

In our articles we always talked about the good features of the best betting sites. However, it is also very vital to know the bad features of the betting sites so that once you see these signs on a site, you will know to stay away from them as they are likely to be fake. Instead of looking at bad betting sites try finding ones that are good with

Online sports betting is becoming more and more famous among sport fans. And as the interest grows, the number of betting sites increase as well. However, with this there are some issues coming along such as security and the trustworthiness of the sites. If you are going to invest some money into a site, it is highly important to know that the site is a genuine one. In this article we will tell you how to spot a site that is fraud. 

When you are on a site that you are not too sure about its reliability, firstly check the contact details. Some fake sites don’t even bother putting any contact number or detail out there, hence if you cannot find these details, we suggest you to stay away from this site. All the genuine sites will have contact details available as well as customer service numbers. 

Another way to recognise a fake site is the options they have listed for depositing the money. It is normal for sites to charge some money towards the deposits. However, trustworthy sites do have more than one or two options. If the site you are checking have only one option, we suggest you to be careful towards that site. As it is highly that the site is not a genuine one. 

Bonus amounts are another way to spot fake sites. Normally on the reliable sites the bonus amount does not exceed 30%. If you spot a site with higher bonus offer, than we recommend you to be careful. Even though we cannot say that the site will be 100% fake, it is very likely for the site not to be genuine. 

One last thing to spot on a betting site is the withdrawing methods. Normally, genuine sites will deposit you the bonus amount right away. However, if the site you are checking is asking you to send an email, this is another sign that the site you are on is most likely fake. 

Hence try to be careful when it comes to sports betting sites, as there are many fake sites out there. 

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Bet365 Bonus Code

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